Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Marathon Post 3: Time ruins everything - Irreversible

I'm totally confused with this movie. As per the title of this movie, this is going backwards. The starting of the movie is actually end of the story. The movie ends where the story begins.

The story is simple. Alex(Monica Bellucci) while returning to home after attending a party brutally gets raped. Her husband Marcus wants to revenge it and in that attempt kills someone else and gets arrested.

The first 20 mins is very confusing. The camera is rotating all over the place. You should really be focused and patient to get into the movie. It will be like watching the movie when you are heavily drunk. The dark tone, the gay bar, the background music, rotating camera....its a different experience but it will give you a sick feel.

The BM is awesome. When Alex is shown in the screen for the first time, in the stretcher, with blood all over her face...heart beat is the only BM. With shaking camera and heart beat, it will be like you are there and watching the scene.

And the raping scene in the tunnel....GOD this is the most violent scene I have ever scene in a movie. I couldn't. In that precise moment, I hate to be a man. The anger I get that time, the helplessness - like it is actually happening...I don't know how to express in words... i just want to kill that animal.

The second half is really nice. Since I have seen what is going to happen to them already, I couldn't involve or take part in their joyous moments. The train conversation about sex and orgasms and the intimate scenes between Alex and Marcus - simply superb. I think I have to watch those scenes separately after the effects of those violent scenes fade away in my mind.

Camera work is brilliant. Starting with very dark tone and revolving camera, slowly getting brightness, sepia tone in that intimacy scene, and very bright and beautiful camera work at the end of the every frame the camera reflects the moods of the story.

It's not an enjoyable movie, will left you in disturbed mood. And there are nude scenes. If you are really really strong hearted and want to see the making... then go and watch it. I'm now thinking whether the director is sane or insane to make a movie like this.

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