Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Marathon Post 1: Reasons I dont want to get married

I know as a guy it is weird to worry about marriage. Most guys I know are comfortable with getting married. (And they suffer later. Thats another story).

I dont know I will be a good partner to anyone. Reasons... a lot.

First, I don't value anything. I dont have money consciousness. I procrastinate everything. And I'm not strong. I mean some villians come and do some mischief, I cant fight them off and protect my girl. :-)

Till now nobody seems to fall in love with me(Well, except one). It means something is fundamentally wrong with me. Till I find it what, I'm afraid I can move further.

I have gone thru some sites searching what a girl really wants. Most of the girls love guys who have great sense of humor. Pity me, my sense of humor sucks. I think I have generations of fight (those who know tamil will understand this parambarai pagai) with presense of mind and sense of humor.

And I have read blogs of girls who are happy with married life. Almost all the husbands are getting up early, preparing tea, preparing food and doing all the household stuff and pampering them. Its a lot of work you know. And I usually dont get up before 8.30 and if it is weekend, not CERTAINLY before 12. I need an alter before getting married to do all these stuffs. (And I'm not sure how my alter will be :-( )

The hardest part is.... girls have greater mood swings. Those who are able to tackle this only can survive in the marriage. Again pity me, I too have mood swings. And I'm wondering if we are in opposite moods what will be the consequence?

Another dreary one... shopping. I'm shuddering just by thinking about lots and lots of bags in my hands, in my head, something in my back and still waiting for my girl to finish her shopping. After all these, getting to know that she is not even remotely satisfied with her shopping and wants to go for another know I will blissfully remain single... or live in relationship

Thats why I'm telling you guys I'm not SO COMFORTABLE with this marriage stuff. You know anyone for live in relationship?


  1. You get lost without being married rather being in relationship.. I have to talk to ur mom soon..

  2. Who says u don't have a good sense of humor?! Be brave enough to get married... :P :P

  3. @Shalini: Whatever the girl does, you shud take it lightly, if she cracks something up - which she thinks as jokes - u shud laugh... I totally lack that :-)