Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Marathon Post 4: Sholay

Since I have just started watching Hindi movies I wanted to watch only good Hindi movies. And so did I. Till now I have watched just a few handful of movies. Recent addition to that list is Sholay.

Considering the time it has taken, it is a great movie. It still involves us to its complete duration of running. It has everything to offer you. Heroic moments, demonic villain, nonsensical comedy, sentiments all mixed well together and painted on a 70MM screen.

Some of the scenes I was reminded of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". I think we should not compare these two(Of course, you know the reasons). The reasons was In Sholay, in a couple of scenes, like the first scene where the policeman visits Thakur and when Gabbar attacks the village, one or two mins there will be no music or very mild music but what u see is great landscape or aerial view of the place. You can see the same pattern in "TGTBTU" also.

The story is simple. Veeru(Dharmendra) and Jai(Amithab) are two small time culprits. There are wanted by a police office Thakur to catch the bandit Gabbar Singh. Inbetween a flash back about how Thakur lost his hands, romance by Veeru and Basanti, sentiments about Thakurs daughter in law and all that Jazz.

I'm not that into music, I enjoyed two songs. Yeh Dosti and Mehbooba. The reason might be those two are really catchy. I couldnt find any fault with screenplay also. As long as I'm concerned, its not boring. Then it must be a good screenplay :-)

My Verdict: You can watch it anytime. With your friends the better.

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