Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Marathon post 8: Technically speaking.....

Yeah....I missed one day. But, no I'm not. Technically may be. This time is not yet my end of day. As per my calendar, my day ends only when I sleep. I'm here just to write this post. So, I'm still keeping up with this. Good to go Karthik. I, myself patting on my back. (What to do? There is no one here to do that. Pity me :-( )

As usual, I'm going to ramble something here. Best way is to describe what has happened today so far? In three words... Fantastic but awful.

Most of the day, I felt very happy. The code that I was struggling with is completed successfully. And it is not giving any errors.

I found so many blogs today and I'm happy with it. A few are movie blogs. Read some posts. How the hell these people are writing this good? Putting so much effort and their commitment. I have to learn a lot from them. Carefully reading them. Will try to imitate first, till I get my own style. Should be more careful not to imitate always. I know there is a limit to imitate and I should not cross.(This is note to myself).

Downloading the movie "Disgrace". I read reviews that it is awfully good movie. Can't wait to see it.

Read Leena Manimekalai's - a tamil poet - blog about some of the happenings in the last few weeks. I always admire bold and strong girls. She knows what she is talking about. She is very clear in what she is writing. Admiring her too. (I may not agree with what she is saying or writing. That doesn't mean that I shouldn't like her)
Read a few technical things about movies. The concept of long shot in "Vaarthaigal" blog. This seems really a good blog. Suresh Kannan's recommendation. Cannot be a bad one :-)

Forgot my key in the room itself. So, have to go to friend's office, have to disturb him in the middle of the night to get the key and got back just an hour before... and writing this post. (This is that awful part).

Seriously, I have to work on my absent mindedness and procrastinating habit.

Will see...

That sums up pretty much. See you tomorrow with another post.

The Calvin and Hobbes is for you to enjoy. Not related with this post, in case if you were thinking about it.

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