Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog marathon post 7: How to write a blog post?

Well, thats what I'm thinking about right now. I got to write a post now and one post each day for next 23 days. Successfully I have completed 6 days.

Ok ok ..hang on...hang on people.... just dont hurry leaving...thats a joke. Since you have belived me that I will give you some tips, it becomes my responsibility to do so. I take my responsibility too seriously. Here goes your tips... if you follow at least one tip, I will consider this as successful post. Ok, lets start...

Tip No:1 This is how you should start a post, when you dont know anything to talk about. Choosing topics of this kind, will help you to ramble anything about it. You dont really have to worry about whether it will make sense or not.

Tip No:2 Dont go and browse points to your topic. If you can find that easily in such short time, anyone can. They dont have to come here. If they still come to your blog, they will eventually know after reading the first line itself that they have wasted their time, but if they still continue reading we should not miss the pleasure of pointing that to them as I did now. :-)

Tip No:3 No one has ever given you this tip. A real good one. Write a post when you are really sleepy. That time you just want to go to sleep after you finish your post. That way you wont think much. You thought process will have such a flow and it will be better than your excuses when somebody wakes you up in the early morning.

Tip No:4 Don't always think about your blog. Some people think their blog/posts when they walk, talk, bath, watch movies, listen to news even when they blurb.(Like how to use this blurb in the post?). Even when their dogs blurb, they will think to write that as a post. That is too dangerous. In such cases, you will have lots of ideas and you will be weighing all the ideas to choose the better one. Thats waste of time. Open your system. Log in to your blog. Click new post. What ever topic comes to your mind and just start writing it. You will get a superb post with your original ideas.

Tip No:5 Best point again. If you want to write a really good post just do the opposite of all the tips given here.

If you follow the first four tips, my post is success. And if you don't follow the first four tips, even though my post is a success. So, this is a successful post.
And I'm happy with that.

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