Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Marathon Post 11: The Karate Kid - Review

This movie I really enjoyed and everyone who came with me did enjoy.

I haven't seen the original version. So, I cannot compare. And I dont give a damn about whether it is better than that or not. This moive, the way it has taken works very well for me. It is not a great movie but a good movie to spend your time with.

The story is simple: Dre Parker's mother has to move to China due to her work. Parker couldn't accoustomed to this new atmosphere and hates every moment. Adding fuel to fire, he has to confront a bully in the school. The bully is very good at Kung Fu and learning from no mercy - no pain - bad bad bad master. Mr.Han a maintanance man in Dre's apartment, saves Dre from the bullies and trying to help him to join the Kung Fu academy where that bully is learning. But it turns out that Dre has to participate in the Kung Fu tournament and has to teach the kid. This is a feel good movie, so Dre must win and so he wins obiviously.

The scenes between Dre and the cutie chinese girl are funny and fantastic. Evertime he tries to impress her, it backfires him :-).
Especially when he plays TT with an old man. And also the reaction when he sees her dance. Awesome Jaden. I think he will become way better than Will Smith. (This is a praise for Jaden not a criticism of Will Smith).

The chemistry between Dre and Han works perfectly well. Jaden smith as Dre Parker catches everyone's heart with his awesome performance. His face reactions in few scenes are too good. When her moms says I love in front of the school gate, the way he reacts, in a hush tone, MOM,... fantastically captured the mentality of a 12 year old boy. Scenes like these make it a great experience.

Worth time spend. You won't regret. Highly Recommended.

Note: Pics taken from www.filmofilia.com

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