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Blog marathon post 10: The girl with the dragon tattoo - Book review
(Daniel Craig is to act in the movie Dragon girl. The movie is based on the book "The girl with a dragon tattoo".)

When I was hovering around in the book section at Landmark, I have seen this book. Even though the title immediately catched my attention I was little hesistant to buy that time. But, when I read the above piece of news I wanted to read before the movie is taken. It will be good to read first and then check how they transformed the book into a movie. Most of the times I was miserably dissappointed to see the movies. These experience and "Consequence of Analysis" told me, if I watch the movie first, I will ceratinly loose the interest to read the book. So, I decided to put my hands on that book as soon as possible. Since I have finished reading that book and I really liked that book, I just want to give you the feel about the book.

As most of you all aware, it is a page turner. A mystery novel. A 40+ aged hero with a 20+ aged heroine trying to find out the mystery behind a girls disapperance which happend in 1966.

The disappeared girl is the grand daughter of Henrik Vanger, ex CEO of Vanger's corporation. Her name is Harriet Vanger.
She used to give framed pressed flowers as gift to Henrik. But even after her disappearance, he is getting same kind of gifts on his birthday every year for 36 years. He cannot come out of this tragic event and wants to find out who really killed her.
He strongly belives that she cannot just dissapear into air without any trace so she must be murdered and that murderer should be one of his family members. After a small background check, he decides to hire Mikel Blomkvist.

Mikel Blomkvist: A financial journalist. Part owner of the magazine "Millenium". (This book is the first in Millenium Triology). A straight moral person. He is in a trouble now. The allegations he made about the industrialist back fired him. He has been sentenced to jail for three months and has to pay a huge fine. This has weaken the credibility of "Millenium". He either has to resign from "Millenium" editorial board or has to prove that his allegations are right. He doesnt know where to start and how to proceed. So, he decides to have a break from editorial board and wants to have a breat to think about it. The same time he gets an offer from Vanger.

Lisbeth Salander: The girl with the dragon tattoo. She is the one who did the background check of Mikel Blomkvist.A girl with numerous tattoos, two piercings in her face, with fancy clothings, and with an asocial behaviour. She works for Armansky who is the head of Milton security company. She tolerates no restrictions. She served several years in children prison and she is now under gaurdianship. She is an enigma. She never socializes with anyone and she never shows any emotions or affections. She never quits anything once she decides to take it up. She never asks for help and wants to do it by herself. She is ready to be beaten to death rather than giving in. But she respects people who treat her as a human being. After "taking care" of his second gaurdian who molested and raped her, she joins with Blomkvist to assist his investigation about Harriet's mystery as a research assistant.

1966: The day Harriet disappears. It is the day when all members in the vanger family get together for dinner. It is a practice that goes on for a long time. At midday, there is a terrible accident in a bridge in that village. All the attention of the whole village turn to that accident. The bridge is the only way to come/go to/from village. And it is locked due to accident. But, Harriet happens to be disappeared. The police, the village and Henrik appointed special force, all searched every nook and corner of the village even the sea nearby. They checked all possible theories and all lead to dead end. Now, 36 years have gone by. Still there is no trace of Harriet. Everyone belived that she has died. And Vanget wants to know who did that.

When Blomkvist takes up this job, he has no slightest hope that he will unfold the mystery. But when he goes thru all the police reports, photographs, press reports and Henriks notes again and again, he found that what the others missed in the investigation. He needs one more hand to help with him to research in depth and to get details. Who else than salander will be more appropriate? Together they approach the whole case in a new dimension and in new angle. But someone doesnt want them to find the truth. Someone is poking their nose into their affairs and in their house. Someone tries to kill Blomkvist. No matter what, they are not ready to give up. And atlast they find the truth. A horrible truth which will shatter the whole Vanger's corporation. What is the truth and what they do after they find out and what happens to Blomkvist career is the rest of the story.

If you are an imaginative reader, then there are so many things in this book for you to dwell into. One example is thinking about Lisbeth Salander. What might have happened to her childhood to make Lisbeth the way she is now? Blomkvist is a moralist. But he has to compromise at some point time in the story. What would have happened if he doesn't compromised?
There are someother things which are so captivating and put you in deep thinking but I dont want to spoil the surprise. If you like mystery novels, twists and turns and if you want to glued to the book for several hours then this is the book for you. Recommended.

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