Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog marathon !!!

Ok, I too want to take part in this blog marathon.

I know for sure that no one is reading my blog. Then why bother taking part in blog marathon and all ?

I know someday, I hope I too even write some good stuff and I will also have a few handful of good readers to my blog. That time, if some curious readers like me, dig into my archives, they should not(I mean you people, you are reading it now right?) get dissappointed.

My first and farmost concern is it should not bore them away. There should be some good stuff around. And I should not write just for the sake of writing.

Second dont pretend or dont write something that you dont belive in and dont write to show off. Be true to yourself. Call a spade a spade.

I know I'm a lazy guy. All time lazy. Super duper lazy. Atleast for this, put some effort. (Dont mind. I'm just begging myself. Ok?)

Ok, thats it. I'm starting today.

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