Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Marathon Post 6: My Photography sucks!!!

Damn me!! Damn Lazy me. The stupid and idiot lazy Karthik in me is the biggest enemy of my growth. He is the sole responsibility for all my setbacks. He knows I love photography.

All good things for me started happening only after I joined Ford. I started buying books regularly. I bought an MP3 player for me. Got net connection... and the biggest thing is I bought my own camera. It is not very sophisticated but an ok kind of camera.

It has been an year that damn thing came into my life. I took many photos and I deleted many photos. I'm an damn introvert. Usually don't ask any help. My inter action with other unknown people will be very minimum. Also, there is no known people who knows photography Result: My growing rate is not so damn good.

And I came to know about Flickr and all that photo blogs and sites. Bought even photography books(Should sue them... there is not a single tip for a beginner, but lots and lots of ads and ads and ads....i left them coz this book contains a few superb photos). Explored so many photos. I will be staring at some photos for a very very long time. If there is a photo, I think myself as the photographer and will think how I would have taken that photo. If I don't understand I will be staring at the photo for long long time....eventually I will sleep. I have slept only 99 times out of my hundred visits to such photo sites.

I read somewhere that it is not aperture or shutter speed or DOF or ISO or any other technicalities...it is the mood, the emotion, the theme that gives beauty to the photos. So, I didnt learn any of that. Also tried to take photos, if there is an emotional outburst. I took several deep emotional photos. I'm damn pretty(not preethi or preity) sure about that. Only thing is that no one can find those emotions in those photos. I think people should really have photo sense when they view photos esp my photos. Becoz most of them are blurry. Yeah, since they are blurry you need abstract thinking also.

Later I decided to learn about these technicalities also. Still I dont know how to read f/4 or something like that. Aperture and shutter speed are Greek and Latin to me. Exposure always exhausts me...(Good rhyming na?? )

Nowadays, I put a bed in the balcony, lie down looking at the sky and deeply thinking about what to do next. One thing I'm pretty sure one day I will surely become a photographer i mean good photographer.

PS: Did I tell you how I got interested in Photography? All because of my English master in 12th standard. The way he pronounces photography. He used to give greater stress to the first syllable like PHOTO-gra-fy. I immediately fell in love with Phot - o - graphy.

See you all in the next post.

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