Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog marathon post: Failed Failed Failed

I'm graciously accept my failure in the attempt of writing 31 posts in 31 days even after I have slightly changed the rules. (I think that is the key reason for my failure).

And I did "things-gone-wrong" analysis. What I found is not that astonishing.

1. Laziness and procrstinating.
2. Lack of ideas
3. Since my English is not that good, it took lot of time to write a post.
4. Started reading books and hooked up to it.
5. This current shift sucks.
Am in 12-10 shift. I will be reaching 11 and will be dog tired and no way I can
think about a post and write and publish it.

Now, how to make things better.
1. Have attainable objectives.
Think of all the hurdles and blockages you may come across and have some sort of
back up plan.
2. Don't procrastinate and dont be lazy.
3. Refer point no.2
4. Refer point no.3
5. Refer point no.4

And it is not how you fall but how you get up :-)

I think this will do.


  1. hahhaaa... All the best; better luck next time! :) After all, resolutions are to be broken! :P

  2. @Shalini: Absolutely...I 100% agree that.