Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Challenge :-) Book 1: The girl who played with fire.

I'm unstoppable, I know. As soon as I failed in my previous challenge, here I'm taking up the next challange.

What this time? No blog writings.(I spare you people). I have to read 50 books in a year. As you know, I never cheat. As soon as I finished the book, I will tell you and you can keep the track of it. Ok?

The thing is half of the year is already gone. So, I'm going to read 25 books in 6 months. Starting from this month.

I have already completed one book this month. "The Girl who played with fire". I plan to write a small review as well. (That doesn't count for challenge)

And I will put the books in my side bar as soon as I finished.

Now, the review:
This is the second book in the millenium series. Fast paced and gripping . Blomkvist and Millenium are ready for another scoop with Dag and Mia. This time it is about sex trafficking. Dag and Mia are murdered before they publish it and all the evidence are against Lisbeth Salander. Police, Blomkvist and Armansky are in their own way try to discover the truth. But Salander has something else in her mind. To take revenge and to kill someone who is responsible for some horrible events that happened in her childhood. And that someone is not that easy to be found. His name is not listed in any documents anywhere in Sweden. How things turn out and what happens to salander is the rest of the story. Go for it. Recommended. But read the first part before you read this.

Currently Reading: The Curious incident of the dog in the night time.

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